A Typical American

Thomas Michalski’s Political Survey

As far as his political idelogy goes, here is where Thomas stands on hot button issues

  • Abortion: Pro-Choice
  • Gay Marraige: Supports
  • Affirmative Action: Supports, though, economic standing is what really needs to be addressed.
  • War/Violence: Against senseless war, but not anti-war. I am not a Pacifist.
  • Military: I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of any service. I fully support members of the military. I do not support the military-industrial complex, nor politicians who misuse military force. I also would support compulsory military service or humanitarian work of every citizen for two years after their graduation from high school, or their 19th birthday, whichever comes first.
  • Global Aid: I support humanitarian and economic aid to all other nations.
  • Environment: I support environmental laws/regulations and the expansion thereof.
  • Labor: I am pro union
  • Socialism: I support it, in some of its forms
  • Communism: I am against it.
  • Democracy: If you can show me a “perfect democracy” I’d call you a liar. We, as a nation, are a republic, not a democracy.
  • Religion: I am personally an Atheist but support the freedom of religion. I am against any and all violations of the “separation of church and state”. I am against any federal funds that support religious institutions, in any way, either directly or indirectly. I am against the “Office of Faith-Based Initiatives”.
  • Guns: I Support the 2nd amendment, but the strict interpretation of. I Support increased legislation that restricts licensing to non-felon, psychologically sound, individuals, who have undergone at least 40 hours of certified training and I support limits on the type and number of weapons a person can own.(No More than 3 weapons per household, no more than 2 per individual, no Automatic Weapons, no Weapon that can hold more than 15 rounds). I would ban all “Firearms Trade Shows” and I would support a strict 30 day waiting period for purchasing any firearm. I also would support that in order to purchase a firearm, the purchaser would have to submit both fingerprints, and a DNA sample. I also would support the adoption of a mandatory 15 year maximum sentence for being in possession of an unregistered firearm.
  • Economic Systems: I would prefer Market Socialism. I am completely against Traditional or Authoritarian Economic Systems. I am OK with Market Capitalism, but it is very flawed.
  • Food: I am an omnivore but eat what you like. I do agree that a lot of agro-processes are harmful to the environment and changes must be made. I would not eat meat if it could contribute to a cleaner environment, but as it stands, i like to eat it.
  • Drugs: I support the full legalization of marijuana for both medicinal & recreational purposes. I am against all other illicit drugs and the strict enforcement thereof. That being said, I am against imposing prison sentences against users of drugs or small,street level dealers(for a first offense only).
  • Smoking: I am a smoker, and yet, I would still support the ban of all tobacco products.
  • Voting: I support the popular vote and the abolishment of the electorate college. I support term limits on ALL ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES, in all branches of government, on all levels of government. I support the adoption of strict election laws that limit the amount of money that can be donated to those running for an office, and the amount of money that can be spent by an individual during an election campaign cycle.
  • Health care: I support a system of universal health care that would guarantee- Primary Doctor Care, Hospitalization, Preventive Care, and Related Medicines to all citizens. I would support subsidies to doctors and tort limits in order to make this happen.
  • Taxes: I support a sliding scale tax system that taxes the most wealthy more heavily than the most poor. If you benefit the most from the system, you should have to give the most back: PERIOD! Income Tax HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER be about Equality. Why should we pretend that the case is so, so that, very wealthy individuals can contribute nothing, while taking so much.
  • Education: I support increased funding for student aid for higher education, changing the guidelines for student aid to more accurately reflect the current costs of higher education and the declining “buying power” of the middle class. I support the removal of “No Child Left Behind” and its replacement by a more sensible approach that doesn’t include teaching kids to test, and not actually educating them, because cash-strapped school systems have no choice. While I applaud some effort other than just throwing money at the problem, this current legislation just does not work. Ask any inner-city school teacher and they will tell you as much.  Test Scores improve because the standards are lowered year on year.  The better solution is understand the inter-connected nature of economic demographics and average student aptitude, address the lack of economic opportunity in “blighted” areas and as the quality of life improves, so will education.

I believe that the right to liberty does not include the right to a) destroy the environment, b) create conditions to easily destroy innocent life or c) create conditions that degrade society. In my view, the constitution charges the government with enacting laws that protect life, society, and the world in which we live.


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