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May 23, 2009

Making it Rain

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I had a conversation yesterday and the topic of wealth came up. Essentially it has been my experience that there are(generally speaking of course) two types of wealthy people in this world. Now we can define wealthy in whatever terms we want, but lets just call it, above what the average American makes in a year. If you can afford to not receive an income for one full calendar year, you’re wealthy. You may not be Warren Buffet wealthy, but to everyone else, you’re still wealthy.

Let me just preface this by saying, that generally, I don’t mix well with people who have money. I don’t know why but I never have. Maybe part of it is because I grew up in a solidly working class family, am working class myself, and most likely will be until the day I die, and that imbues some jealousy on my part. I honestly don’t know if that is or is not the case. Perhaps its because I’ve had conversations with wealthy individuals who can’t even fathom how i can live without a car, as if life is impossible without an automobile even though more people in the world are living and breathing without one, but generally, this is just one example of how most wealthy individuals seem to have a staggering disconnect with the rest of the world.  Perhaps not due to ignorance but because a) those who are born into wealth simply cannot imagine their lives being different or b) those who made their wealth, seem to have developed this disconnect at some point in their lives, as lacking that disconnect would pit them into a moral conundrum of reminding themselves that their wealth is a byproduct of denied opportunity or exploitation of other parties.

Anyone who is intelligent enough to amass wealth, certainly understands economics, whose first rule is that resources are finite, ergo; in order to have more resources, it means depriving resources to others. Some people would see moral failings in that, and other people can read Atlas Shrugged and actually finish it without wanting to vomit.

But in the end I see two types of wealthy people:

Example 1: Those who understand their position in the world, understand the fragility of life, society, and their place in it, and feel a sense of responsibility or at least obligation to acknowledge their fortunate position and may even try to help others, or at the very least, respect the lower classes.

Example 2: Those who take everything for granted, believe their life is foretold or deserved without any sense of obligation or responsibility to the rest of the world, and when they look in the mirror, this is what they see: 42-16881646

But this is what I see: happyfathersdaybirdman

Now what does any of this mean?  Well nothing really.  But, the last thing that should be forgiveable is an ignorant person of wealth.  It’s easy for us to say, it’s ok to be a snob, they may generally not know any better, butI believe, with privliege comes responsiblity.  So perhaps what i’d like to see, is simply a few more people of wealth like this: warrenandbillAnd a few less like this: MonopolyMan


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