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May 17, 2009

Abortion At Notre Dame (And It’s Not Even Football Season Yet)

Today President Obamaamd_obama-commencement will give the commencement address to Notre Dame’s class of 2009.   A day that should be  a celebration for Graduates, Faculty, Friends, and Family will be overshadowed by protesting Pro-Life advocates from across the country.

Personally, It’ sickening to me that this special day will be used as a political opportunity.  Instead of celebrating academic and personal accomplishment, we will be focusing on a divisive political issue that is best saved for a doctors office, a court room, a woman’s mind or a church.

To those who oppose abortion I say: fine, it is your right to disagree. But there’s a time and place for everything and  a commencement ceremony is not the place to display your personal/political point of view.

So just because Mr. Obama is pro-choice he should be lambasted for giving a commencement address, simply because it is a Catholic Institution? Hogwash!  He is the President of the United States and the Dean of this university invited him to speak because he is the president. Not because of this personal points of view. And I’d say that 99% of the Notre Dame community is honored he will be there,even those who are pro-life.

So to all those who will be there today to disrupt and protest the graduating class’ special day: well, I do hope that your next special event is interrupted by protests as well.  Perhaps Pro-Choice advocates should show up to Bob Jones’ commencement day and protest?  Perhaps, your child’s next birthday party should be interrupted by protests?  Nothing like picketers at Chuckie Cheese(and not because its the most horribly obnoxious place you may ever have to visit in your life). Or perhaps there should be NOW signs posted all over your wedding reception hall?

Yes, we all have the right to have beliefs; strong beliefs that cut across the American fabric; but we also have the responsibility as enlightened, intelligent human beings, to show a little tact and discretion.

No, the shame should not be on Obama, or on Notre Dame. The shame should be on those who will come and disrupt and violate Notre Dame’s celebration.


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  1. The hypercharged response that pro life advocates have had to the President coming to Notre Dame is indicative of a much larger trend in politics. I thought that his speech was a very thoughtful plea for a change in this arena. The tendency to take every political issue personally in this country is doing incredible damage. You can be opposed to abortion without being insulting to people who believe otherwise.

    It’s all or nothing, black and white as far as abortion and gay marriage and the death penalty are concerned. We’re far too stupid and selfish to see that these issues require some subtlety, god forbid some complexity in our thought process.

    Comment by Tim Weaver — May 19, 2009 @ 10:30 pm | Reply

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